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Take a wine journey to Argentina and Spain with Finca La Malena and other exciting wine families.  

Every wine tells a story. Behind every sip, there are untold tales of hard work, passion and sacrifice.
Every fruit note, every aroma reveals a character often unique. Wine making is, without any question, a labor of love.

Our mission is to produce and bottle wines that clearly display the devotion and dedication of the people working behind the scenes while providing our customers with outstanding value and quality.  We achieve this mission through a permanent search for high quality and phenomenal value.

Our goal is to make sure that our wines are within reach of all so that every table can enjoy the fruit of our work.  

Our wines reflect our philosophy and our understanding that great wines need not be for the fortunate few.  Great wines ought to be enjoyed by everyone and used to celebrate life. 

We have combined our knowledge in hope that every time you pour one of them into a glass it becomes a gratifying experience that fills your senses and turns any occasion into a memorable moment.  

We are proud of our wines! 

We are excited to bring them to you!