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Fun Facts from Finca La Malena about Argentina and Spain and their wines plus much more!  


Is it Cheap or Inexpensive...??

Joe Bennett

It is common knowledge in the industry that “dry” wines are “dry” as opposed to “sweet”, not as opposed to “wet”.  Clearly all wines are “wet”.  But “dry” wines aren’t really “dry”, they are actually SOUR.  Or so are often described by the less wine-literate, a.k.a. most of us.  What is wrong with calling a wine “sour”?  Well, the word “sour” has some negative connotations, therefore a different adjective was picked that would describe non-sweet wines in a way that seemed less unpalatable, thus turning a clear negative into something more positive.

Years ago I tried the same trick on an unsuspecting customer who came up to me and asked for a “cheap wine”.  Quick as a whip as I thought I was I said I didn’t sell any cheap wine, nor would such a nice lady want to buy cheap wine, however I did sell a great deal of INEXPENSIVE wines. She looked at me, scanned me up and down, sighed and said: “oh no sweetheart, I drink CHEAP SH*%”.  So yes, some people are brutally honest.

Fortunately, we live in a world with a wide array of options for both your budget-conscious shopper and your up and coming wine snob.  And lately we have been coming across a number of acceptable quality value wines, usually available in those states where grocery stores are allowed to sell wine, a luxury not extended to certain states like New York.  Rules aside -we hate rules- while we believe INEXPENSIVE wines are great for certain occasions, would you really go all out putting a dinner together at home for your closest friends and family, only to wash it down with a 5-dollar bottle of red? An amazing meal, deserves an amazing wine.  So next time you’re celebrating a special occasion, go out on a limb and ask for a recommendation for a 20, 30 or even 40-dollar bottle of wine. Remember, you’d be paying half of what the same bottle would cost in a restaurant and you’d be treating yourself.

The great thing about wines is that you can go back from a 30-dollar wine to your usual, 6-dollar daily drinking wine and still find it appropriate for every day, nuked pizza, on your couch while binging on Netflix.